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A Rural house in Burgos with an exciting past
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Burgos and oil, a broken love story

was the year 1964 when the so-called black gold sprouted in La Lora, a small Burgos town of barely 100 population. Thus began the story of love and heartbreak between the province of Burgos and oil. Undoubtedly, the news soon spread like wildfire through all the media […]

Rural Tourism in Burgos, a booming industry

Rural Tourism in Burgos in particular and in the community of Castilla y León in general, It is a booming sector. According to Diario de Burgos, we have passed some 17 thousand visits during the year 2021, in which the restrictions by Covid were still present at more than 70 thousand visits […]

Assault on the Vineyard, the Ribera del Duero board game

this year 2022 it is being a year of celebration and recovery for the Ribera del Duero, after a tough period of pandemic. If we talked to you recently about the 40 anniversary of La Ribera del Duero and its celebrations, In this article we talk about the new board game based on our Denomination of […]

Mambrilla de Castrejón regulates the use of its rural roads for vehicles over 28 tons

The municipality to which our Rural House belongs, Mambrilla de Castrejón, has announced a regulation that affects the use of rural roads in the municipality. It is a regulation presented by the city council that is waiting for possible claims, and if there is none, next approval […]

Agrotourism and Rural House in Burgos Bioclimática

The Rural House in Burgos known as “The Mambla de la Ribera” is a rural tourism house Located in the heart of the agricultural and wine-producing region located within the enclave of the Denomination of Origin of The Ribera del Duero.

Our Rural House was an old botería that still, Today, retains its rustic essence, warm and welcoming. In its reform, a large part of its structure has been maintained, safeguarding stone construction, adobe, and original wooden beams, besides the stairs, original windows and part of the floor.

What's more, this house It has been rehabilitated to respect the environment as much as possible and reduce the environmental impact, that is, it is a bioclimatic house.

Where is the rural house La Mambla de la Ribera?

This rural house is located in the village of Mambrilla de Castrejón, within the judicial district of Aranda, Ribera del Duero region, Burgos province, Castile and Leon, Spain.

Price of a rural house in Burgos

In this case, the average price per room in a rural house in Burgos like La Mambla de la Ribera It is 50 euros per night, although you can always make prices adjusted by groups and / or days. Contact us without obligation to inform you.

Rural Tourism in Burgos

Burgos is a province with great history and recognition in the world. In all its corners we can find ties with the past that recognize Burgos as one of the main tourist attractions in Spain.

From a few years to this part, rural tourism, has grown exponentially in the area, and there are many rural houses that, like the Mambla de la Ribera, They try to attract travelers from all over the world to be able to introduce them to the riches of an area that is still unknown to many people..

Rural tourism is a booming sector, that with the well-known pandemic of 2020, has grown even more. Because it offers advantages that other sectors cannot offer, such as remote and well-cared locations., in addition to an unusual approach to nature.

Bioclimatic Rural House

The province of Burgos has an interesting network of hotels, rural houses and accommodations such as La Mambla de la Ribera, however few of these locations can claim to be a bioclimatic house, with the advantages that this entails. If you want to know more about what a Bioclimatic house is, here we explain it to you in detail.

Bioclimatic Rural House
Rural development program of castile and león
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