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The CLIENT can request information by phone or email. The information will be provided through the same channel. Availability will be reported, characteristics, offer price and any other question that the CLIENT requires.

Reservations will be made by email or phone, The CLIENT must indicate: arrival day, day of exit, price that has been offered and your complete identification data.

From the Mambla de la Ribera we will send you a confirmation message that the accommodation is available during the dates you have requested. To finalize the reservation, the CLIENT must make a VIA BIZUM deposit OF € 25 per person, confirmation of availability.

Received your deposit, the OWNER will contact the CLIENT to confirm that the reservation is in order and to specify all the details for the reception


As the owner of La Mambla de la Ribera, We are obliged to collect the identifying data of ALL the people who stay in the rural house and make the pertinent communication to the authorities, the mandatory data that the CLIENT must provide of ALL the people who stay in the house, son: Full name and surname, ID card or passport, as well as the full address, telephone number and e-mail of the person responsible for the reservation.

The CUSTOMER is recommended to have the documentation at hand at the time of reception to expedite the delivery of keys and the enjoyment of the contracted accommodation.

3 - PAY

The Mambla de la Ribera rental reserve, It will be confirmed when the CLIENT has paid the Bizum as a guarantee. In any case, La Mambla de la Ribera will determine the pending amount and will communicate it to the CLIENT in the confirmation email.

Once the payment confirmation has been received from the CLIENT, he will receive our reservation confirmation, in writing via e-mail or by telephone. In the event that we have not received the advance deposit within the established period of 24 hours since we sent the availability confirmation email, The reservation will be automatically canceled without the need for prior notice to the CLIENT and the rural house will once again be free for your reservation.

THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE STAY (without discounting the advance deposit for surety) I know to pay in cash. The CLIENT will pay it the same day of arrival, at the time of handing over the keys and after having visited and given the go-ahead to the house.


The CLIENT receives the house in optimal conditions of cleanliness and order, and is obliged to take care of it, the garden with, your furniture and barbecue, correctly. If the CUSTOMER observes any damage or anomaly, You must communicate it at the time of your observation at the time of delivery of the keys.

THE CLIENT must leave and return the rural house in acceptable conditions of cleanliness and with all the furniture and belongings in the same state that they were at the entrance to the same. You are expressly requested to keep the furniture and furnishings in their original places..

At the end of your stay, the OWNER will carry out the verification of the goods and belongings of the house, as well as its cleanliness and order, in the presence of guests.

The deposit in advance by the CLIENT to make the reservation is considered as a guarantee to guarantee the repairs of possible damages, and will be returned at the end of your stay, if at the time of returning the keys the house is in the same state in which it was delivered.

If the home suffers any damage by the CLIENT, said damage will be repaired or the amount of the repair will be paid by the CLIENT. In this case, The necessary part will be deducted from the deposit to cover the costs of repair or replacement of elements that allow the rural house to be returned to its original state.

If the cost of repairing or replacing these objects is higher than the deposit, The deposit will not be returned and the payment of the damages will be pending, until they are evaluated, later liquidating.


Groups for bachelor parties, groups of adults under 30 years and other events such as weddings, communions, etc., You should check the rental conditions before booking, either by phone or by email.


The CLIENT agrees to act with the utmost civility, respecting the environment, the calm, nature, the cleanliness and order of the house.

El CLIENTE y todas las personas alojadas en la casa ruralLa Mambla de la Ribera”, They are subject to the respect of the coexistence regulations that govern in the municipal term of Mambrilla de Castrejón.

What's more, other rules of use and coexistence are established:

1º Respect, at all times, for calm and rest, as well as coexistence with other people who may be housed in houses adjacent to the rural house. For this reason, parties are not allowed.

2º The CLIENT must be diligent and careful in the consumption of electricity, air conditioning heating reverses, Water, and firewood.
The house has a hot sanitary water tank, that when excessive use will stop heating, until it gets over it again.

Building and home security, in this sense, the CUSTOMER must try to keep the entrance door and windows well closed, especially when leaving, just as they would in their own home.

3º It is forbidden to leave garbage in the house, garden or on the street next to the front door. The CLIENT agrees to throw their garbage bags in one of the containers for their deposit that exist in the surroundings.

4º The CLIENT must respect the furniture and facilities of the home. We like that all our guests, Same as you, find maximum comfort and cleanliness.

5º For reasons of the location of the property, the use of any type of pyrotechnic material is strictly prohibited. (firecrackers, flares, etc.).

6º Faced with evidence of VANDALISM, NOISES, RAMPAGE, FOUNDED COMPLAINTS FROM NEIGHBORS or IMPRUDENT USE of the home and its furnishings, the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement at any time, tenants having to leave the property immediately.

7º The OWNER reserves the right not to accept or cancel stays that do not meet the rules of coexistence, at any time and without the possibility of reimbursement.

8º The OWNER is not responsible for the personal belongings deposited in the house by the CLIENTS, as well as objects that might have been forgotten.


The Rural House can only be occupied with the number of people indicated in the reservation (both adults and children). In no case can this figure be exceeded. Due to current regulations, Visits from outsiders are not allowed, not registered, in the Rural House or in the garden.
In the event that the number of occupants of the rented house is greater than the number indicated in the contract and declared in the entry document and, therefore, give the registration forms that are delivered to the authorities, the OWNER reserves the right of admission and will make it known to the authority, exempting themselves from any incident that may occur in the rural house, derived from an overcrowding.
The house is provided with facilities, spaces and furniture according to the capacity with which it has been rented. Any improper use of the house will not entitle the CLIENT to any claim.. On the contrary, in the event of any breakdown caused by improper use of the CLIENT, This assumes the responsibility and will have to pay the total cost of the repair that was necessary.



It is one of the common spaces of the rural house, and the use of the Gazebo is available throughout the year.


Use of the barbecue available all year, although it is only possible to use them with charcoal, that will be on behalf of the client.


The entrance to the rural house will be from 16 hours of the first contracted day and departure until 12 hours of the last contracted day.
If the CUSTOMER wishes, the OWNER can prepare the entrance to the rented rural house from the 12 hours (whenever possible) of the first contracted day and the departure until 17 hours of the last contracted day. To obtain this extension of schedule, the CLIENT must expressly communicate it, well in advance and prescribed in the email when making the reservation. If it has not been previously communicated, the OWNER has no obligation to meet said request of the CLIENT.


The owner reserves the right to make an exception for its acceptance only and exclusively under its free decision according to criteria of cleaning and conservation of furniture and fixtures., upon request by the CLIENT, in writing and in detail, the animal in question.


If the cancellation or change of dates of the reservation is made with 20 or more days before the date of entry, In all cases, the return of the 100% of the amount delivered except bank charges (if there were) associated with the management of the return of the reservation.
It is at the owner's discretion to refund the amount of the reservation, for cases in which the CLIENT refers to force majeure and the notice is produced with less than 20 days in advance.
In cases in which the amount of the reservation is not returned, This remains in deposit for a year and the CUSTOMER is offered the rent for a whole year from the date for which the rental reservation was made, making use of the deposit already delivered. If after a year, the CLIENT has not used the deposit, will definitely lose it.

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