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The Mambla de la Ribera

A 180 kms from Madrid, 6 from Roa de Duero and 28 by Aranda de Duero, west direction (Valladolid) La Mambla de la Ribera is located.

The building is located on the main street of the town, access takes place from, the South, to the north where cultivated fields are appreciated in the first instance, buildings belonging to a winery, and recreational spaces. In the middle distance are observed, the Mamblas (mountains that give the town its name) and in the distance Roa and part of the Ribera del Duero.


Built in the XIIX century

carved stone facades, equipped with a large gate that gives access to it.


First Phase of Rehabilitation

Structural consolidation of the same with the implementation of iron beams and columns.


Second Phase of the Work

The second phase of the works is resumed with the projection of converting it into a Rural House


Opening of the Rural House

The Rural House opens to the public and the hotel activity begins

Reforms and Characteristics of the Property

La Mambla is a Property built in the XIIX century, carved stone facades, equipped with a large gate that gives access to it.

It consists of three heights of more than 100 square meters of surface each, also inside, there is a patio of more than 350 square meter, completely diaphanous, where there is a large almond tree and an apple tree in full production.

  • First floor: Stone and adobe walls, completely diaphanous, wood roof. In the center of the instance, there is the wooden staircase that gives access to the upper floors.
  • Second floor: Equipped with four large rooms, two of them with interior bedrooms and a space attached to the staircase. The construction is made of adobe, the original ceramic floor and wooden ceilings.
  • Third floor: Completely open-plan concrete floor and recently implemented wooden ceiling.
  • Cover: Recently built, it is described later.
The house before the Reformation
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The House after the Reformation

All materials used they have been top quality, handled by trained professionals with extensive experience in their profession.

Metallic structure

The entire building has been architecturally reinforced, by means of nine iron pillars coated with antioxidant paint distributed in three rows, with reinforced footings from the first floor to the roof.

Three iron beams have been placed on the first and second floors, horizontally distributed, on each of the rows of iron pillars, coated with anti-rust paint, in order to hold the upper heights.


On the third floor, the floor has been consolidated by concreting it with low-density reinforced concrete..


Made of Arabic tile chosen based on its insulating and decorative characteristics, completely clean, underneath this is a layer of Onduline for greater waterproofing inside the building and cooling of the exterior cover, subsequently a layer of rigid insulation has been placed (expanded polystyrene), from 80 mmm thick, in order to isolate thermally and acoustically the interior of the property; Lastly, pine wood covered with long-lasting antibacterial varnish was placed, supported on wooden beams that were originally treated against deterioration..

Both the front and the back face a wooden eaves so that inclement weather does not damage the facade and giving it a differentiating visual appearance..

An idyllic setting in Castrejón screen



Tour the Ribera del Duero with some of the best routes on foot, by bike, Car or different modalities that, sure, you will love them.


The Gastronomy of the Ribera del Duero is unique. With flavors and original dishes of the area that you will love.


Visit the most legendary wineries of the Ribera del Duero denomination of origin and discover the best wine secrets.


In the Ribera del Duero and surroundings you will find all kinds of activities related to sports for you and the whole family.

House Plans
Know what the house is like by its plans

Low level

planta baja

First floor

primera planta

Second floor

segunda planta

In these plans we present the distribution and organization of
La Mambla de la Ribera in its entirety so that you can get to know its corners better.

A little history of Mambrilla de Castrejón
Learn a little about the history of the place

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